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Immigrate to Spain from Russia

Immigrate to Spain from Russia

Foreign citizens seeking to immigrate to Spain have plenty of choices in terms of means of obtaining residency here. Until a few months ago, these were also available for Russian citizens interested in moving here, however, at the moment several measures have been taken by the Spanish government as a consequence of the conflict in Ukraine.

If you are interested in moving to Spain from Russia under the current circumstances, you should know that this is still possible. Below, our immigration lawyers in Spain explain the main ways you can do that.

What to consider if you want to relocate to Spain from Russia

The first and most important aspect to consider if you want to immigrate to Spain from Russia is that the government does not impose any sanctions on ordinary citizens. However, one of the most accessed programs, the Golden Visa scheme has been temporarily suspended for Russian citizens seeking to apply for it.

Another important aspect to take into account is that if you are a Russian citizen who has already obtained an EU residence permit, you can enter Spain based on it.

Those who are first-time comers to Spain can apply for one of the visas or residence permits available under the legislation of this country.

Our immigration lawyer in Spain can offer tailored assistance to Russian citizens who find themselves in the position of having to leave their home country. We can also aid in your relocation and residence permit application. Any foreign nationals moving here may be given residency, enabling them to move around the Union without restriction. Due to Spain’s membership in the Schengen Agreement, foreign travelers can enter Spain without obtaining a separate visa. For more information about obtaining residency in Spain, get in touch with our lawyers.

We can also help you apply for a passport. Spanish citizenship can be obtained most easily through residency. After residing in Spain with your resident permit for 2, 5, or 10 years, you can easily apply for citizenship by residence. The key distinctions in the requirements based on the years during which you can obtain a passport can be explained by our immigration lawyer in Spain.

How can Russian citizens move to Spain?

If you want to immigrate to Spain from Russia, here are the main types of residence permits and the ways you can obtain them:

  • work visas can still be obtained by Russian citizens who have employment contracts with Spanish companies;
  • non-lucrative visas that enable Russian citizens to live in Spain for a limited period of time provided that they can support their stay here;
  • family reunification visas can also be obtained by those who have family members established in Spain;
  • refugee visas are also available for those who can prove they are persecuted in Russia.

Considering Russian citizens were some of the most important beneficiaries of wealth visas in Spain, we remind them that at the moment the program is suspended for them. However, our lawyers can guide you on other means of immigration.

We are also at your service if you want to relocate to Spain from another country, including the USA.

We can also provide you with short-term relocation assistance. If you decide to temporarily relocate here using a Spanish nomad visa, our attorneys can aid you in getting one if you need it. We are here to assist anyone who wants to move to one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. If you need assistance obtaining this visa, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us.

Assistance for persons who want to immigrate to Spain from Russia

If you want to move to Spain from Russia and need support, our lawyers can help you. From advice in choosing the appropriate type of residence permit that enables you to live here to obtaining asylum, you can definitely rely on us. For those who are not acquainted with the Spanish immigration system, it is worth noting that a temporary residence permit has a validity of one or 2 years. The non-lucrative visa, however, will enable one to live there for more than 90 days if you are looking to stay here for less than a year.

Assistance in enrolling with the social security services and renting a property is also in the attention of our law firm.

If you decide to immigrate to Spain from Russia, feel free to address us your questions.

How many Russian citizens live in Spain?

The Russian community in Spain is not a large one, representing around 0.83% of all immigrants. According to data cited by a local newspaper:

  • at the level of 2022, there are 79,485 Russian citizens registered in Spain;
  • 16,543 live in Alicante, while 15,672 live in Barcelona;
  • Andalucia is also home to approximately 14,000 Russians.

If you decide to move to Spain from Russia and need legal advice or support, contact us. Our immigration law firm can help you find a suitable solution.