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Housing Services for Expats in Spain

Housing Services for Expats in Spain

Moving to another country implies taking various measures. Apart from the immigration papers and interviews with the authorities, those planning to emigrate to Spain also have to think ahead and consider their housing options. They can either rent or purchase properties here, however, the process can be rather difficult for those who are not familiar with the legislation and procedures applicable in Spain.

With a vast experience in Spain immigration, our lawyers can help foreign citizens with housing services for expats. Our services are tailored to their requests which is why immigrants can rely on our support from the moment they decide to take the step of moving and applying for a residence permit in Spain.

The real estate legislation in Spain

The first thing to consider when immigrating to Spain is the law applicable in the real estate field. Spain is one of the European countries in which this sector is highly regulated which is what makes quite a safe country to buy a property in. However, when immigrating to Spain from the USA, for example, obtaining a residence permit is required while our lawyers can handle the housing services.

The main law which needs to be respected when immigrating to Spain is the Community Property Law which refers to the rights and obligations of homeowners.

With the help of our housing services for expats in Spain, immigrants will be updated on their rights and obligations after buying properties here in order to make sure they fully understand them.

We can also offer assistance when applying for citizenship or residency in Spain.  If you have lived in Spain for a while and wish to stay there permanently, the question of what your best option is will certainly come up. Which is better for you, obtaining Spanish citizenship or applying for permanent residency? Either choice will allow you to reside in Spain eternally. These two alternative paths do differ in a few specific ways and being able to spot them will be essential. In this regard, our lawyers can offer advice.

Housing services for expats offered by our Spanish lawyers

Over the years, our housing services for expats moving to Spain have been welcomed by many of our clients and have helped us determine their exact needs, but most of all, the necessity of coming as close as possible to meet their requirements. This is why our housing services packages comprise:

  1. obtaining a foreign identification number (NIE) which is required in order to be allowed to rent or buy real estate in Spain;
  2. assistance in searching for an apartment/house based on the client’s specific requirements;
  3. access to reliable sources of information and real estate agencies for those interested in performing the searches on their own;
  4. real estate due diligence on the selected property and assistance in buying it (documents preparation and notarization);
  5. real estate registration with the Spanish Land Register within the timeframe requested by the law.

Property registration in Spain must be completed with the local office of the Land Register in the city the property is located. The Land Register falls under the administration of the Ministry of Justice in Spain.

With the help of our immigration lawyers in Spain, purchasing or renting a property is easier. 

Steps in buying real estate in Spain

When deciding to emigrate to Spain there are various formalities that need to be complied with and the purchase of property implies an entire process. The search for a property can begin before commencing the immigration procedure. With the help of our housing services for expats in Spain, the search can be completed sooner and the chances of finding a property that matches as many requirements on the buyer’s list are greater. Furthermore, our immigration lawyers in Spain can verify the property and make sure the purchase or rental will go without any problems.

Here are a few aspects to consider when buying a property in Spain as a foreigner:

  • the new owner must register the property not only with the Land Register but also with the community through the appointed secretary;
  • in Spain, property owners have an annual community meeting and the date is announced with 6 months in advance;
  • it is important to know that the community secretary will send notifications to addresses located in Spain only (foreign citizen must pay attention when not in the country);
  • any community decision can be contested in a maximum of 3 months.

With the help of our housing services for expats in Spain, such problems can be avoided, as our lawyers will make sure to advise on the most important aspects of becoming real estate owners in this country. You can also count on us for applying for a residence permit in Spain. 

Taxes to consider when buying real estate in Spain

Taxation is one of the important parts of our expat housing services in Spain. Here is what foreign property owners who have obtained Spanish citizenship need to know: 

  • the buyer needs to pay the land transfer tax which ranges between 8% and 11% of the purchase price;
  • the value added tax must also be supported by the buyer – it is set at 10% of the purchase price;
  • when the VAT is paid, the buyer must also pay stamp duty at a value of 1.2% of the net price;
  • the property tax is paid on an annual basis at a value ranging 0.4% and 1.1% for urban properties and 0.3% and 0.9% for rural properties.

For personalized expat housing services, please feel free to contact our immigration lawyers in Spain.