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Obtain a D Visa for Spain

Obtain a D Visa for Spain

If you want to study in Spain and are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, you must apply for a student visa. For courses lasting longer than 6 months, a type D visa is granted. Students may apply both directly in Spain and at the consulate in their state of origin.

Below, our immigration lawyers explain how to obtain the type D Visa for Spain. You can rely on us if you want to obtain such a visa, as well as a residence permit in Spain for other purposes.

Requirements to obtain a D visa for Spain

If you are a foreign national who resides in a non-EU country, non-EEA country, or Switzerland but want to move to Spain in order study here, the D visa may be a suitable option for you.

 Quick Facts  
 Applicability  The D-visa is available for non-EU/EEA and Swiss citizens moving to Spain.

 Duration of stay based on the type-D visa

 This visa is issued for long-term stays (more than 3 months).

 Qualifying applicants

– students,

– employees,

– family members of Spanish residents

 Special requirements for applicants (if any)  Applicants must ensure they have the means to sustain themselves during their stay in Spain.
 Requirement to submit the application in person (YES/NO)


 Required documents

– visa application form,

– proof of payment for the visa application fee,

– valid passport,

– other documents depending on the reason of immigration to Spain,

– proof of financial means,

– clean criminal record,

– valid health insurance 

 Authorities in charge of the application

Spanish Embassy/Consulate 

 Timeframe to obtain the visa (approx.)

1 – 2 months 

 Interview requirement (YES/NO)

Yes, the applicant must go through an interview with the Spanish Embassy/Consulate representatives. 

 Requirement to obtain NIE number  Yes, considering this is a long-term visa
 Validity of the visa

 The validity depends on the reason for immigration.

 Other requirements (if any)

 Once entered Spain, the applicant must obtain a Foreigner Identity Card

 Extension possibility (YES/NO)


 Access to Spanish residency based on the D visa (YES/NO)

Yes, provided the visa is renewed until the holder meets the permanent residency requirements. 

 Support in applying for a Spanish type-D visa (YES/NO)  Yes, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Spain for support in applying for this type of visa.

The main condition to qualify for a type D Visa for Spain is that you must enroll in a full-time course at a university, or a language school accredited by the Cervantes Institute in order to submit an application for a student visa. You can study a language for up to 4 years and then make the transition to a master’s program. Master’s programs often span over 1 or 2 years. However, it is simpler to enroll in language schools and the courses are less expensive than Master’s programs.

Our immigration lawyers in Spain can explain the advantages of both options in order for you to make a good decision. We are also at your disposal with tailored support in applying for the visa and then for residency in Spain, should you decide to remain here.

Type D Visa for Spain – Document requisites in 2024

There are several documents you need to prepare and file with the Spanish embassy or consulate in order to get a D visa. Among these are:

  • the acceptance letter for enrolling full-time from the Spanish university/language school;
  • health insurance and health certificate;
  • evidence of your ability to pay for your stay in Spain;
  • criminal record from the country in which you most recently resided;
  • a valid passport;
  • proof of accommodation in Spain.

Please note that more or fewer documents may be required based on your country or origin/residence. This is why it is best to check with our immigration specialists before starting the application procedure.

Financial requirements when applying for a Spanish D visa

The type D visa enters the long-term residence permits for Spain, as it enables its holder to live in the country for more than 3 months. This is why one of the most important requirements attached to obtaining it is having proof of self-sufficiency.

You will need about EUR 8,000 in your personal bank account for a 12-month stay in Spain. The amount is calculated based on the IPREM (Indicador Público de Rentas de Efectos Múltiples). For this purpose, you must have 400% of IPREM in your account in annual income. For 2024, the minimum monthly income is EUR 600.

For students, sponsorship is also an option. In this case, the parents will need to supply documentation, such as:

  • birth certificates;
  • sponsorship declaration;
  • recent bank statement;
  • and a legalized copy of their passport, to demonstrate their ability to sustain themselves and you in this situation.

Please note that only parents or legal guardians can act as sponsors.

For those seeking to work remotely, the Spanish digital nomad visa is a great option and an alternative to a type D visa for young people who are not enrolled in a university.

Type D visa interview

Obtaining a national D visa for Spain in 2024 depends on an interview. This stage is one of the most important components of the application after filing the needed documentation. Since unannounced applications are not accepted at consulates, the interview should be scheduled in advance.

During this interview, you must also prepare the documents, which may need to be shown to the official conducting the meeting. Even if this is a formality, we recommend you prepare adequately for it.

Your visa application will be processed by the consulate within one month. This timeframe may be extended in some particular circumstances.

Please note that the interview must also be taken if you want to immigrate to Spain from the USA based on this type of visa.

Health insurance and proof of accommodation conditions

When applying for the Spanish D visa, you will need to include in your file a valid health insurance document. Considering this is not the same as travel-related insurance, here are some pointers on how to choose a service provider:

  • work with an international insurer that is recognized in Spain;
  • buy your insurance from a Spanish company.

If you need guidance in this sense, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Spain who can offer insurance support.

When it comes to proof of accommodation, please note that this requirement does not apply to all foreign nationals. However, we recommend you secure a place to stay a few weeks before arrival. You can use the services of local real estate agencies to sign your lease contract, which you will be able to use as evidence of having a place to stay.

Here is our infographic on this type of visa:

Other types of D visa for Spain

Even if the D visa is usually requested by students, it is also possible to obtain such a visa for temporary employment or as a dependent of a Spanish resident.

The visas are usually categorized as the one, three and five-year D visas. Those who have received at least 3 visas, no matter the type, in the previous 2 years are eligible for a one-year Type D visa. The applicant must provide documentation of any prior visas they have obtained, which is one of the key requirements. It allows the holder to enter Spain for 90 days in a period of 6 months.

The 3-year multiple entry visa is available for those who have been granted a multiple-entry visa over the course of last year, and allows holders to come to Spain on several occasions.

The 5-year multiple entry visa is available for holders of a valid multiple entry visa for the previous 2 to 3 years. This type of visa is a great way of emigrating to Spain.

Getting a NIE number and Spanish residence permit

When obtaining a type D Visa for Spain, you will also receive an NIE number and a student ID card (TIE). For the duration of your studies, that card will serve as your identity in the European Union. This card is required for all transactions you conclude in Spain.

Our local specialists can help you immigrate to Spain and are also at your disposal if you need housing services.

How long does it take to get a Spanish D visa?

It takes around one month for the D visa for Spain to be processed and issued. Such visas are usually released without problems when all documents are in order. When you enter the EU, you have 30 days to visit a local police station to apply for the Spanish Student Residence Card for Foreigners (TIE) and obtain the NIE number. Each academic year, the TIE card will need to be renewed.

Feel free to address any questions you might have on the type D Visa for Spain to our lawyers. Here is also a video on this visa:

Advantages of the D visa type

A Spanish D visa comes with several advantages, among which we mention the following:

  • this type of visa is issued for stays of more than 6 months.
  • it is a long-term visa which enables you to stay here for 1 to 4 years;
  • you can get part-time employment in Spain based on the D visa (4-hour work contracts in most cases);
  • you only need to renew the visa after the first year and you can turn it into a working visa.

There were 48.1 million people living in Spain in 2023, of which 6.3 million were non-Spanish citizens. Economic factors are a major reason for migration to Spain. Out of the 510.000 foreign people living there, most said they came for work or self-employment. Family and education, on the other hand, were among the least cited reasons. In terms of the nationalities of foreign inhabitants, Spain is home to more Romanians than any other EU nation, while Moroccan citizens make up the majority of the African-origin community. Nonetheless, with an annual growth rate of 24% in 2023, the Colombian community is seeing the greatest increase in the non-EU diaspora.

Despite Spain’s relatively high unemployment rate, many migrants search for work opportunities. 2.60 million foreigners had secured employment in Spain as of 2022.

For support in getting a D visa in 2024, please contact our immigration lawyers. We are also at your disposal if you are interested in a nomad visa for Spain.