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Immigration Services in Spain

We are a team of immigration lawyers in Spain who specialize in providing fast, reliable, and diligent services for individuals who are looking towards moving to Spain. We can help foreign citizens obtain residence permits in Spain or apply for different types of visas, such as golden visas, work visas or digital nomad visas. 

We provide complete services, tailored to the needs of our clients and their motive for entering Spain. Together with our agents, foreign nationals will be able to go through all of the needed steps for applying for the right type of long-term visa before they arrive in the country. After helping them immigrate to Spain, we will also help them with the needed counseling once they arrive.

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    Types of visas for Spain

    Foreign nationals can relocate to Spain for long periods based on an adequate type of visa. The application will depend on the reason for the stay and the applicant will receive a residence permit that will suit his needs, for example for employment in the country. 

    We briefly state the types of visas below and our agents talk about these in more detail further in this article:

    1. the work visa: issued for the purpose of engaging in remunerated work in the country, as per an employment contract.
    2. the student visa: for individuals who are enrolled in a University program or in another post-graduate or qualification program.
    3. investment visa: for foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in the country; also applicable for self-employed individuals.
    4. non-lucrative visa: for individuals who wish to retire in Spain, provided that they have sufficient income to sustain themselves. 
    5. family reunification visa: issued for individuals who have a family connection to the visa holder, for example, the spouse, minor children, parents. 
    6. others: visas can also be granted to individuals who participate in scientific or academic research in the country. 

    Immigration to Spain from USA or other countries is possible with one of these visas. The applicant will need to understand the requirements according to the visa type and submit the required documents. Understandably, some of the documents will be general ones, while the others will be specific to the chosen visa type.

    Most visas come with a residence permit in Spain, which is why you don’t need to complete additional steps when applying for certain types.

     Quick Facts 
    Entry visa requirement (from EU) (Yes/No)  NO
    Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (Yes/No)YES, non-EU citizens may require a visa
    to immigrate to Spain
    Types of visas available  Student, work, investment, family reunification visas
    Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)Up to 8 months
    Validity of temporary residence permit 1 or 2 years
    Temporary residence permit renewal requirements The applicant must spend at least 185 days within a calendar to renew his/her residence permit
    Documents for obtaining a
    residence visa 
    – application form;
    – valid passport;
    – proof of accommodation;
    – proof of financial sufficiency;
    – evidence supporting the stay.
    Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)5 years of living in Spain
    Investor visa availability (Yes/No)YES, it is possible to immigrate to Spain based on an investor visa
    Start up visa scheme availability (Yes/No)YES, a start-up visa can be obtained
    Sponsorship requirement (Yes/No)NO, there is no need for sponsorship
    to immigrate to Spain
    Time frame for obtaining citizenship 10 years through naturalization
    Citizenship/ Residency by investment scheme availability (Yes/No) YES, permanent residency after 5 years 
    Taxation of foreign citizens  Personal income tax ranges between
    19% and 26%
    Tax benefits for foreign citizens Access to double tax treaties
    Support in applying for work permits (YES/NO)   Yes, our lawyers can help with the application for work visas.

     Guidance in employee relocation matters (YES/NO)

     Yes, employee relocation also enters the attention of our immigration law firm in Spain.

     Assistance in applying for D national visa for Spain (YES/NO)

     Yes, we are at the service of people interested in obtaining a D visa.

     Support in family reunion matters (YES/NO)  Yes, we can also help with family reunion.
     Availability of spouse visa (YES/NO)

    Yes, Spain issues marriage visas. 

     Assistance in applying for permanent residency (YES/NO)

     Yes, if you meet the eligibility conditions, we can assist with the permanent residence application.

     Residency renewal services (YES/NO)

     Yes, we can also help in renewing stay documents.

     Assistance in applying for citizenship (YES/NO)

    Yes, we are at the service of those who want to apply for Spanish citizenship. 

     Availability of digital nomad visa for Spain (YES/NO)

     Yes, Spain issues nomad visas for remote workers.

     Assistance in obtaining Spanish nomad visa (YES/NO)  Yes, we can help with the application for a Spanish digital nomad visa.
     Personalized services based on country of origin (YES/NO)

     Yes, we offer tailored support based on one’s country of origin.

     Complexity of immigration procedures in Spain

     Immigration to Spain is not complicated, as most procedures are completed online.

     Best cities to move to in Spain

    – Madrid;

    – Barcelona;

    – Marbella;

    – Toledo, etc.

     Cost of living in Spain compared to other EU countries

     Living costs in Spain are cheaper than in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but a little bit higher than in Italy and Greece.

     Other services (if any)

     – support in renting/buying properties;

    – assistance in moving to Spain based on entrepreneurship, etc.

    How to apply for the chosen type of visa

    Below, our team of Spain immigration agents describes the requirements for the investor or self-employed visa:

    • form: the national visa application form, duly filled in with the applicant’s data.
    • photos: one recent passport-size photograph that has a white background.
    • personal documents: one photocopy of the passport that needs to be valid for at least another year.
    • medical certificate: the original and, if needed, the photocopy of the medical certificate certifying that the applicant is healthy.
    • degree: as applicable for the applicant’s line of work, the academic degree, or other certifications.
    • project: the work or investment project the applicant intends to develop in Spain.

    Apart from the final requirement to present the project of investment, all of the other types of visas will also include the general documents (the filled in form, photograph, personal documents, medical certificate).

    The application for an employment residence visa will also include a letter from the Immigration Office in Spain that is addressed to the company making the employment, conforming the approval for the work and residence permit. The company making the employment will handle this step before the employee submits his visa application. 

    In case of a residence visa for the purpose of family reunification (reuniting a family member with an individual who legally resides in Spain), the foreigner needs to have been a legal resident for at least one year and have applied for the renewal of his residence permit. When he complies with these requirements, he can reunite with the spouse, their children or their spouse’s children (under certain conditions), minors who are in his custody, and the parents who are dependents and have satisfactory reasons to justify their residency application. One of our agents who specialize in family reunification matters can give more details to interested applicants.

    The visa application will also include a nonrefundable fee that can vary according to nationality. Other taxes may be required.

    Please remember that this list of required documents is not an exhaustive one and that other additional requirements may apply. This is why it is recommended to work with our team of specialists when preparing your application. We can assist you with updated information so that the visa application is prepared and submitted as required. We can also help you apply for Spanish citizenship, should you be interested in it.

    You can read about the immigration services offered by our lawyers in Spain in the scheme below:

    Immigration Services in Spain

    Special immigration services in Spain

    When first deciding on moving to Spain, any one of these reasons may be enough to decide that Madrid, Barcelona or other cities are suitable for your needs. Our team of immigration lawyers is ready to assist you when you are ready to commence the immigration formalities. We offer tailored services and will provide complete counseling according to the purpose of the move. 

    Our most requested services include the following:

    • assistance for obtaining a Spanish work permit: many individuals who move to Spain will first need to obtain a work permit; our agents can help non-EU employees handle the formalities.
    • obtaining permanent residency in Spain: after five continuous years of lawfully living in Spain, you can make your stay permanent with the help of our immigration lawyers.
    • obtaining the Golden Visa: immigration to Spain from the USA is often motivated by business purposes; a special Golden Visa program is in place for entrepreneurs who make investments of a certain amount and our lawyers can help investors obtain this visa.
    • expat support: moving to a new country can seem overwhelming, especially when you are still learning the language; our Spain immigration specialists have experience in working with expats in the country.
    • Spanish citizenship: individuals who wish to become citizens of Spain will need to go through a process that is different from that required for residency; we can help you with information about the conditions that need to be fulfilled.
    • entrepreneur visa for Spain: entrepreneurs who plan on developing a business that is innovative and of interest in Spain can apply for a special type of visa that allows for a single document for living and working in the country.

    If you are interested in moving to Spain, you should know that two of the manners in which foreign national can reside in Spain for long periods is by obtaining the Golden Visa or the Non-Lucrative Visa. We mention these two types of visas apart from the Student or the Employment visas (which are also widespread) because they can be an attractive option for those foreign nationals who have the necessary funds to move to Spain either by making an investment or by proving that they can sustain themselves. 

    The non-lucrative visa is one that is based on the applicant’s own funds. This is applicable to residents from third countries who wish to stay in Spain without working because they have sufficient financial means to sustain themselves. The requirement is for the applicant to be able to provide a certain amount for himself and then another lower amount for each family member who joins him. The total amount must be in a bank account and presented when submitting the application. The first residence permit has a validity period of one year and it can be renewed for subsequent periods until the applicant can acquire long-term residence (after five years).

    The Golden Visa is intended for those foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to Spain and make a substantial investment. This can be in real estate, a business project, investments in Spanish public debt securities, or in an investment fund. The Golden Visa for residential investments is conditioned by investment in Spanish real estate of at least 500,000 euros. This type of visa will also grant other facilities such as freedom of movement within the Schengen countries or the ability to reside and work in the country (conditions may apply). 

    Understanding the types of visas, including those for which the applicant needs to prove that he has the financial means to reside in Spain, is important before commencing the actual visa application process. Spain is an attractive destination for individuals who want to relocate particularly because it offers the option of residing with a non-lucrative visa. It can be a suitable country for those who wish to retire or for those who still want to remain entrepreneurs and invest in real estate. Talking to one of our Spain immigration specialists can be helpful for understanding how you can accomplish this.

    We can help you apply for the work permit, the right type of residency permit, or for permanent residency as well as the other available types of visas, as per your needs.

    Foreign nationals who relocate to Spain to work remotely do not require visas because Spain is an EU member. However, non-EU nationals must fulfill certain standards, such as participating in the Spanish nomad visa scheme. Our local immigration attorneys can help you apply and can explain its conditions in detail.

    Some of the other services we provide to foreign nationals include the following:

    • Obtaining the NIE number;
    • Obtaining the foreign identity card;
    • Obtaining the authorizations for self-employed individuals;
    • Services for students who need to extend their studies or obtain the equivalent to their previous studies;
    • Driver’s license submissions;
    • Preparing documents, making the necessary arrangement for certified translations;
    • Preparing a power of attorney before a notary public in Spain;
    • Concluding rent agreements. 

    Our team that also includes immigration lawyers in Spain is providing these services. Our specialists are able to help foreign nationals who are just entering Spain as well as those who are still in the process of making certain arrangements after their arrival. Reaching out to one of our agents will mean that your issues will receive a fast solution and that you will be able to handle other important or personal matters related to setting in and starting a new life in Spain. The NIE number is also required when applying for a residence permit in Spain.

    Understanding the various types of visas available to foreigners before arriving in the country is key for a smooth transition in the case of Spain immigration. All foreign nationals who wish to reside in Spain, to work or study here as well as engage in other activities such as research or investment will need to obtain a special visa, according to their purpose of stay. This does not apply to citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland. These foreign nationals can still request our services when they have questions related to certain applications or requirements that are mandatory for all nationals who are not Spanish nationals.

    The process of immigration to Spain starts even before the individual arrives in the country. The applications for long-term visas are all submitted with the Spanish Embassies or Consulates abroad. The Spanish language is one of the most wide-spread in the world, however, for some, it can still be a barrier when communicating with the authorities. This is why our agents are ready to assist you during the various communications that will be necessary and can present the complete steps for obtaining the right visa. You can also rely on our specialists if you want to obtain Spanish citizenship.

    Assistance in obtaining a work permit in Spain

    Relocating to Spain based on an employment permit is not complicated with the help of our immigration lawyers in Spain, however, it should be noted that this requirement applies to non-EU and non-EEA citizens.

    These must complete various formalities prior to relocating here, among which the most important is related to finding employment with a Spanish company which can be the most time-consuming procedure. Once this step is completed, our lawyers can verify the company offering employment and start processing the documents of the immigrant once the job offer is finalized with a labor contract.

    There are several types of work permits that can be obtained when choosing this method of immigrating to Spain, and the absolute attention of the applicant is required when making a choice. On the other hand, the support and advice of our immigration lawyer can help the candidate decide.

    Our lawyers will verify the client’s professional background in order to let them know the type of work visa they can qualify for.

    There are four types of work permits that can be obtained for Spain, and these are:

    • the seasonal work visa which was created for those coming to work in Spain for a short period of time;
    • the long-term work visa which was created for highly skilled employees;
    • the Au Pair visa which is available for special categories of applicants;
    • the EU Blue Card which is an EU type of residence permit.

    Each type of work permit has its own conditions attached. For example, the seasonal work permit is released at the employer’s request with the Spanish Ministry of Labor. Also, the employer must ensure accommodation and travel costs for both entering and exiting Spain.

    The long-term work permit processing procedure implies similar steps as the seasonal one, however, this type of visa which also comes with a residence permit is available for those who can relocate to Spain at the request of employers who could not find suitable candidates for a position in the entire European Union. In the case of Au Pair visas, these are available for persons aged between 17 and 30 and who have a Spanish family to host them.

    It usually takes around 8 months of a work visa application to be accepted and for the foreign employee to immigrate to Spain. This is why the guidance of a lawyer is recommended not only when choosing a type of visa that matches his/her qualifications, but also to keep the relocation process within this timeframe.

    If you have any questions about work visas, you can address them to our lawyers who can provide all the necessary support. They can also guide you through the application for Spanish citizenship.

    Post-immigration support offered by our lawyers in Spain

    Immigration to Spain does not end once the documents are processed by the national authorities and the visa is issued, as there are other formalities that need to be completed after moving here. Among these, registration with the local authorities within a specific period is necessary. Also, enrolling with the national healthcare system and obtaining health insurance are aspects that need to be taken care of.

    Those who have not made any living arrangements, such as property rental, can rely on our lawyers to verify the property and contract attached in order to make sure the moving process is hassle-free.
    Our post-immigration services also imply assistance in completing the remaining formalities once a person moves here, as well as residence documents renewal.

    If you want to bring family members to Spain after you moved here, you can obtain the entire support of our immigration lawyers. We can also help them apply for Spanish citizenship.

    Guidance in choosing the best way to Spain immigration

    It is not uncommon for foreign citizens to not know too many facts about Spain and the immigration procedure and legislation and this is what our lawyers are here for. Apart from valuable legal advice, we can also provide detailed information on how to choose an immigration path, how to apply for a visa, and the best places to relocate to in accordance with the respective person’s wishes.

    The qualifications in the case of foreign workers and businesspersons will weigh a lot in making a decision that can be supported with advice by our immigration lawyer in Spain. Those who want to come to Spain based on non-lucrative visas must also make various arrangements which can be overseen by our specialists, however, we know that each case and situation is different and this is why we strive to offer personalized guidance.

    For any questions or unclarities on how to obtain a residence permit in Spain, our immigration lawyers are here with complete and detailed answers tailored to your particular situation.

    We have also created a video on our immigration services in Spain:

    Reasons to request the services of an immigration lawyer in Spain

    An immigration lawyer in Spain is one that has a complex understanding of the immigration law and deals with matters concerning immigration applications, types of visas, resolving different residence permit application issues as well as various disputes that may arise during an individual’s attempt to obtain a residence permit for the purpose of moving to Spain.

    Compared to other types of attorneys, immigration lawyers in Spain will not generally spend as much time handling litigation. Their work will involve counseling their clients and assisting them every step of the way during the application process for obtaining an adequate residence permit.

    The legal aid offered by a specialized lawyer can be important in those cases involving the golden visa in Spain. This is the type of residence permit issued to those who are willing to make a substantial investment in real estate in the country. However, their residency rights can commence after the investment has been made and approved as compliant with the regulations. A lawyer can provide the much-needed legal advice for those who are interested in making the investment, particularly for this purpose.

    An immigration lawyer or a legal adviser needs to be a member of the Spanish Bar as well as comply with the requirements for practicing this profession.

    Immigration matters can seem somewhat complex for individuals who have never dealt before with the Spanish laws as well as for those who are trying to understand the exact requirements for making their applications for working or studying in Spain. Of course, in non-litigation matters, requesting the specialized aid of an immigration lawyer is optional. Nevertheless, choosing to work with a professional can save time and allow the applicant to sort through the different requirements in a more efficient manner. For some clients interested in moving to Spain, requesting specialized services can be of great help when they are pressed by time and need to submit all of the needed documents as fast as possible and with no mistakes so that the Spanish authorities would reject the application.

    Immigration to Spain is an important life choice and a lawyer can assist individuals who are making this significant change. Working with a lawyer can be helpful both to EU nationals looking to relocate to Spain as well as for those who are interested in immigrating from other non-EU countries such as the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile or New Zealand but also South Africa or China.

    An immigration lawyer in Spain from our team is able to assist you if you are in need of information or assistance for application. It is important to note that you are required to apply for the right type of visa with the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin. Please note that the visa application will also include a non-refundable fee. This is another reason why it is recommended to work with one of our lawyers in order to avoid any losses.

    Many foreign nationals are interested in immigrating to Spain. In 2017, Spain’s resident population grew for the second year in a row. The following statistics highlight the country’s attractiveness for immigrants:

    • Moroccans occupy first place, having the highest number of inhabitants, 682,515.
    • Romanians were the second nationality per number of inhabitants, at 675,086.
    • there were 285,698 immigrants from the United Kingdom.
    • 183,387 immigrants from China and 160,111 immigrants from Colombia. 
    • 140,032 immigrants from Ecuador and 139,096 immigrants from Germany.

     These numbers are the provisional data for 2018 released by the National Statistical Institute.  

    Reasons to move to Spain presented by our immigration lawyers in Spain

    Moving to Spain is an attractive option and below we present some of the strongest reasons why the country is chosen as a destination for living and for doing business:

    • the country’s beauty: as one of the world’s top holiday destination, Spain offers all from culturally rich cities to the more modern and vibrant ones, to a long stretch of coast that offers access to many beaches and resorts.
    • the cost of living: Spain is a country with prices that are lower than the prices in the United Kingdom, for example, other countries in the EU and many other countries around the world.
    • the life: living in Spain is an option for the young as well as for those who are looking to retire in a picturesque city; the quality of life is high, the lifestyle and the Mediterranean diet are welcomed bonuses. 
    • investment: immigration to Spain is particularly attractive for investors; the country is open to foreign direct investments and a special category of visa is in place to encourage entrepreneurs.

    Investment is one of the best ways to obtain a residence permit in Spain, followed by citizenship.

    Contact our immigration lawyers in Spain for complete details about immigration to Spain and a comprehensive offer of our services. We can provide bespoke legal and immigration counseling so that you will enjoy an easy transition to Spain.