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Immigrate to Spain from UAE

Immigrate to Spain from UAE

Individuals who wish to immigrate to Spain from UAE should know that there are a few requirements in place and they will need to follow a multi-step process in order to be able to reside in the country long-term and then make the formalities to permanently move to a Spanish city. When making such an important change, it is often very useful to contact a local team of experts. Our immigration lawyers in Spain can help you if you want to move to the country from the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is an Arab country that is subject to lighter visa requirements for travelers. This means the UAE nationals traveling to Spain will not need a visa to enter the Schengen Area if they intend to stay a maximum of 90 days in any given period of 180 days. The requirements for a long-term visa will still apply and it is recommended to commence the formalities for obtaining this type of visa in advance, as soon as you are aware of the purpose of the long-term stay in the country. We can also offer support to those who want to apply for a family reunion visa in Spain.

When emigrating to Spain, foreign nationals will need to plan ahead and also understand all of the applicable formalities for their purpose of stay. The long-term visa applications can differ according to the reason for traveling to Spain. Organic Law 4/2000 and its subsequent amendments and regulations are a source of law for the procedures and the conditions regarding the issuance of long-term visas. We can help UAE citizens apply for a residence permit in Spain.

Options for immigration to Spain from the UAE 

UAE nationals who are interested in Spain immigration have several options when making this step. The list below described four situations under which a foreign national can move to Spain:

  • the golden visa: the golden visa is available to those entrepreneurs willing to make a substantial investment in real estate property in Spain; the visa is valid for one year and can be renewed if the property is still owned by the applicant.
  • the business visa: available to those entrepreneurs who can present a business project that will be of interest to the Spanish authorities; a type of visa is also available to capital investors.
  • the skilled worker visa: this will grant residency status to highly qualified staff; it can be awarded to graduates of prestigious universities or to those who will occupy management positions; 
  • the student visa: for all those UAE foreign nationals willing to stay in Spain for study, research, volunteer or exchange purposes. another special visa can be issued for research and development purposes. Foreign nationals can live in Spain for a long time depending on the type of visa they hold. The applicant will be granted residency in Spain that satisfies his or her needs, such as to work or manage a business, based on the purpose of the visit and the application. To assist you in preparing and submitting your visa application, we can give you current information as needed.

The visa applications should be submitted in advance, for some of these types the application is to be submitted at least 90 days in advance from the date of travel to Spain.  The general requirements for visa applications stipulate that the applicant is to be at least 18 years old, and include the submission of the filled in application form, two photographs, passport copied, valid overseas medical insurance, criminal record certificate, and other documents. Our immigration lawyers can help you with detailed information about each one, and even on how to apply for a residence permit in Spain.

The Golden Visa is an important step in obtaining Spanish citizenship for a UAE applicant.

For people who need to visit the country for longer lengths of time and who require a nomad visa in Spain, our immigration lawyer can offer specialized advice. We can aid in the creation of the paperwork that must be submitted several months in advance. Once the paperwork is prepared, the foreign person can start the preparations for moving here.

If you require assistance with alternative immigration pathways, you may count on us as well. For instance, if you marry a Spanish national, you can apply for citizenship after a year of residing in Spain. This is the fastest method of obtaining a passport. It is necessary for the marriage to be formally recognized by the local authorities for a foreign spouse to obtain Spanish citizenship.

Visa applications for UAE nationals moving to Spain

The first step for a United Arab Emirates national who wishes to reside in Spain for more than 90 days is to apply for an appropriate visa, according to the purpose of the stay. The visa application is submitted in person at the Spanish Embassy from where it is duly forwarded. If the application is approved, you can proceed to make the arrangements to travel to Spain within the stipulated time. This timeframe is usually 90 days from the date the visa was issued.

Making a correct visa application is important for individuals who wish to move to Spain. Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain can help you immigrate to Spain from UAE and make the corrections necessary submissions from your first applications so that you will have no issue with the visa submission. Making a correct visa application will mean that it will be approved and you will be able to travel to Spain and commence the immigration procedure as planned and with no unforeseen setbacks. 

Our immigration experts in Spain have expertise collaborating with foreigners. People who want to apply for residency in Spain must go through a different process depending on the reason of relocation. We can provide you with details on the requirements that must be met. Understanding how to do this can be helped by speaking with one of our experts on immigration.

UAE nationals emigrating to Spain must proceed with several other arrangements once they enter the country. The application for the NIE number is to be submitted to the Consular Post within thirty days of arrival in the region or province where the applicant will reside. The residence permit can be renewed and after five uninterrupted years, the UAE national will receive long-term residence. After ten uninterrupted years of residing in the country, the UAE national can acquire Spanish nationality. There are also other methods of becoming a Spanish national and these include those who obtain refugee status (the period is reduced to five years) as well as those UAE nationals who have been married for one year to a Spanish national and who are not separated.

Our Spain immigration lawyers offer complete services to UAE nationals who wish to immigrate to the country. Contact us for complete details about the services we can offer, including on Spanish citizenship.

Are you the great-grandchildren of Spanish nationals, such as those who attained this status through the so-called historical memory? Then you might be able to apply for citizenship in Spain under this new law as well. This is a quite unique of attaining citizenship and offers Spain an advantage compared to other European countries.