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Immigrate to Spain from India

Immigrate to Spain from India

People who want to immigrate to Spain from India have several options depending on the duration of their stay. However, residence permits are divided into temporary and permanent ones. However, if one decides to remain here, the permanent resident (PR) card can be a good solution.

Below, our specialists invite you to discover how you can relocate to Spain from India based on various types of visas. Our immigration lawyers in Spain are at your service with specialized support.

Spain’s PR for Indian citizens – options

Before one decides to move to Spain from India, it is important to note that as a non-EU citizen, a visa is required for entering the country. Only after that can the person decide on the type of residence permit he or she can apply for, based on specific criteria.

Generally speaking, here are the main types of residence permits available for immigration to Spain:

  • short-term visas also known as Schengen or C-type visas allow stays of up to 90 days for tourism or business travel;
  • long-term national visas are required for non-EU/EEA citizens who want to stay longer than 90 days, which is also the case for those who immigrate to Spain from India;
  • residence-only or non-lucrative visas issued to those who want to stay long-term in Spain without working or studying.

The last types of visas are usually issued to people who want to live in Spain for family reunification or retirement purposes.

No matter the way you decide to immigrate to Spain from India, you can rely on our local lawyers who will explain in detail and will help you apply for the necessary visas.

The conditions for acquiring a work visa can be thoroughly explained by our Spanish immigration lawyers. We can answer any of your inquiries if you intend to apply for a residency in Spain. Whatever technique you decide to employ to look into this prospect, our professionals will offer personalized solutions that satisfy your requirements.

If you want to travel temporarily, you might choose to apply for a nomad visa in Spain, which was created in accordance with the Startup Law. The visa aims to provide remote workers with the possibility to relocate here without the need to submit an application for a normal residence permit. They are obligated in return.

Relocate to Spain from India and obtain a long-term visa

Immigration under Spain’s PR for Indian citizens is possible by first acquiring a long-term visa or national D-visa.

One can stay in the country for more than 3 months with a D-type visa. These visas typically have a one- to five-year validity period, are renewable, and have fewer restrictions. As a result, with this kind of residence permit, an Indian citizen is allowed to work, study, or conduct research in Spain.

Please mind that it could take up to 8 weeks or longer for this type of visa to be approved. Therefore, if you want to immigrate to Spain from India by applying for it, do not hesitate to ask for professional services, such as ours.

We are also at the service of other foreign nationals, so if you want to immigrate to Spain from the USA, for instance, we offer tailored solutions.

How to move to Spain from India and get permanent residency

Applying for an EU Blue Card is one of the biggest advantages of living in Spain. Indian citizens that fit the following description can obtain it:

  • they are skilled professionals with tertiary education;
  • they have at least 5 years of professional experience;
  • their employment contracts stipulate that they will receive a salary that is at least 50% higher than the national average.

The EU Blue Card can be renewed after its initial year of validity. More information on how to obtain an EU Blue Card is available from our immigration lawyer in Spain.

No matter the way you decide to immigrate to Spain from India, our specialists will guide you.

How many Indians live in Spain?

According to data here, Indians represent the largest diaspora in the world. Moreover:

  • until now, 32 million Indians have left their home country;
  • 70,000 of them live in Spain;
  • out of these 70,000, 20,904 meet Spain’s PR for Indian rules and have Indian origins, while 49,084 are non-residents.

If you decide to immigrate to Spain from India, contact us. Our immigration lawyers in Spain are at your disposal with customized services, including related to citizenship. Spanish citizenship refers to the legal standing that Spanish citizens and foreigners who satisfy the requirements possess, which is translated into a number of rights. Voting rights and full access to the labor market are a couple of these. Contact us to find out if you are eligible for a Spanish passport and apply for citizenship.