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Obtain a Provisional NIE in Spain

Obtain a Provisional NIE in Spain

The NIE is the national identification number in Spain for foreign nationals who come to the country for work, study or for business purposes.

The NIE is necessary for your identification in Spain during your stay, whether it is for long-term, like when seeking employment, or for shorter periods of time, for example only for study purposes.

When emigrating to Spain, obtaining the NIE is a mandatory step and one that will allow the individual to engage in other actions afterward, for example opening a bank account. The immigration procedure to Spain can be handled by our experienced team of immigration lawyers.  Our agents can also explain how to obtain Spanish citizenship.

Information about the Spanish NIE

The list below presented by our immigration lawyers in Spain contains a number of clarifications and information about the identification number for foreign nationals:

  • it is unique: each number has two letters, at the beginning and at the end and several numbers in between.
  • it is not a residence permit: having a provisional NIE is not the same as applying for a residence card, which is a different process.
  • it is used as verification: this number becomes the foreign national’s identification for any activity that requires this process such as opening a bank account, concluding a contract with an internet provider and other necessary actions for those interested in Spain immigration.
  • it is not the same for UE and non-EU citizens: there are some differences in terms of the identification number for non-EU citizens: they will receive both a number and an identification document; our lawyers can give you more information.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain can help you obtain the Spanish NIE and can also help you in other immigration matters, such as obtaining a Spanish golden visa. This comes with a residence permit in Spain followed by citizenship.

Employment is one of the most popular ways to secure residency in Spain. Both residents of the EU and those from outside the EU can choose to use this option. It should be noted that because there is no specific procedure to follow, getting residency as a citizen of an EU member state is easier. Nevertheless, you can rely on our immigration specialists for support in obtaining it.

If you intend to move temporarily, you can decide to apply for a nomad visa in Spain which was created in accordance with the Startup Law. The visa aims to provide remote workers with the possibility of establishing themselves here without the need to apply for an ordinary residence permit. In exchange they are bound to work for companies that are not based in Spain.

Obtaining the Spanish NIE

The application process for the provisional NIE in Spain is different according to nationality. EU citizens are required to fill in a different application form compared to non-EU nationals. Both are in Spanish and one of our agents who specialize in Spain immigration can help you fill them in. This is a mandatory step after obtaining a residence permit in Spain.

Some of the basic documents that need to be provided when applying for the NIF include the passport, proof of address and health insurance, proof that the NIF is necessary (employment contract, self-employment options, future property transactions, etc.)

One of our immigration lawyers in Spain can give you more detailed information about the requirements set forth by the Foreign Office and about the general rules for immigration and naturalization. Contact us for complete assistance in moving here and obtaining Spanish citizenship.

Obtaining citizenship in Spain comes with various benefits, among other things, it gives you the option to reside and work in any other European nation outside Spain, it gives you the right to vote, and, most crucially, it gives you the right to settle here for good. Our immigration lawyer can offer additional information on the rights you can acquire a Spanish citizen.

A person must stay in Spain for a predetermined amount of time in order to be eligible for residency. They can seek for permanent residency in Spain after five years of continuous residence. You may rely on us if you want to relocate to Spain and require assistance with your residence permit application. Whatever immigration route you choose, we are at your disposal.