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Insurance Services for Expats in Spain

Insurance Services for Expats in Spain

Emigrating to Spain implies various preparations, among which getting acquainted with the regulations in the respective country, finding accommodation and getting all the paperwork ready for relocation can take quite some time. However, these are aspects our immigration lawyers in Spain can advise on. One important thing which is usually left out by most foreign citizens refers to having insurance before leaving their home countries. While certain insurances are required when traveling to an EU country, there are also facultative insurances.

Those interested in Spain immigration can rely on our lawyers for various insurance services for expats. We can guide foreign citizens moving to Spain on all the insurance requirements they need to comply with. 

Insurance requirements when immigrating to Spain

Depending on the type of travel arrangements one has made and on the type of visa he or she applied for, the insurance requirements vary. However, it is useful to know that a simple visit to Spain through a Schengen visa requires a foreign citizen to have valid health insurance which covers basic medical services.

When it comes to immigrating to Spain from the USA, for example, expats are also required to enroll with the Spanish healthcare system which implies having insurance.

In order for foreign citizens not to worry about matters related to this aspect, we offer various insurance services for expats in Spain while they focus on other important immigration aspects. 

What are the main types of insurance available in Spain?

Spain has one of the most advanced public healthcare systems in Europe, however, it does not cover the costs of all medical interventions which is why people might be interested in other types of insurance services, usually provided by private insurance companies.

Here are the main types of insurance services a foreign citizen can access in Spain

  1. public and private health insurances for various medical problems, but also dental treatment insurance which is separate;
  2. travel and life insurance which are mandatory for foreign citizens immigrating to Spain;
  3. unemployment insurance can also be contracted by those interested in being protected in such unpleasant situations;
  4. house insurance is also common among Spanish citizens and insurance often contracted by foreigners moving here.

Our immigration lawyers in Spain can help with recommendations related to the various types of insurances available here. Our insurance services for expats in Spain can help you move to this country without having to worry about unpredictable events. 

We can also assist if you decide to apply for a nomad visa in Spain. You should be aware that in order to be issued such a visa you must also have a specific monthly income. This is one of the main requirements for qualifying for this type of temporary residence permit. Contact us for details on all the conditions imposed by the Spanish authorities.

Private health insurance services for expats in Spain

In 2013, the Spanish government has changed the legislation related to public healthcare services available here. At that time, some of the free services turned into payable ones, which has transformed into a mandatory condition for those emigrating to Spain to enter into private healthcare insurance contracts. Those who come to Spain are required to have such insurances in order to prove to the local authorities that they are covered in case of accidents. Even if life insurances are not mandatory, it is recommended to have such insurance when moving here. However, when buying a home in Spain through mortgage, most banks will also include life insurance as part of the loan.

Our immigration lawyers in Spain offer various services for expats, among which insurance and housing services are some of the most requested. 

If you want to apply for citizenship in Spain, you can count on our local expert to assist you with the essential papers no matter how you choose to obtain a passport. After you obtain permanent residency, all you need to do is to take a few more steps and become a citizen of this country. For this, you need to pass a test with the local authorities.

Insurance requirements for immigrants in Spain

The following categories of immigrants require insurance contracts when relocating to Spain

  • foreign citizens moving to Spain for reunification purposes;
  • foreign citizens seeking to obtain EU residency by moving to Spain;
  • non-EU students coming to Spain are also required to have health insurance;
  • tourists who will need basic insurance depending on the time spent in Spain;
  • those who move to Spain through an investment program also need private health insurance.

Our insurance services for expats in Spain include all the categories of foreign citizens above. Also, if you need help in renting a property in Spain for a short stay, you can rely on us. 

The Spanish healthcare system

According to data centralized by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

  • Spain ranks 1st in Europe when it comes to public healthcare services;
  • at a global level, Spain ranks 3rd in terms of healthcare services;
  • the government spends 10% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product on healthcare annually;
  • the minimum amount of insurance to cover medical expenses when traveling to Spain through a Schengen visa is 30,000 euros.

For complete information on our insurance services for expats, please contact our lawyers in Spain.