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Immigrate to Spain from Brazil

Immigrate to Spain from Brazil

An increasing number of Brazilian citizens are choosing to move to Spain. The relocation is easier because the two countries share similarities and have a certain level of cultural and language ties. The migration process is facilitated because Brazilians are in no need of a special provisional visa to enter Europe for tourist or short-term purposes. However, the usual requirements for obtaining a work permit and a residence permit still apply in their case.

In order to immigrate to Spain from Brazil, individuals will need to apply for a visa that will be suited for their purpose of stay. This can be for employment, study or investment purposes, as detailed below by our team of Spain immigration agents.

Talking to one of our specialists before submitting the visa application can be helpful as to better understand the needed documents as well as the conditions for the visa approval. It is recommended to reach out for a case evaluation before making the necessary submissions to the Spanish embassy or consulate in your Brazilian city in order to make sure that the submission is an adequate one. You can rely on for guidance in applying for Spanish citizenship.

Conditions for relocating to Spain

What are the main types of visas that can be issued to Brazilian immigrants? We list them below:

  • the employment visa: for those who wish to become employed or work as self-employed individuals.
  • the highly skilled professional visa: for individuals who is a qualified professional in a certain business field and whose expertise will benefit the Spanish employer.
  • the investor visa: applicable to those individuals who are looking to open a company in Spain or invest in existing companies or stock.
  • the golden visa: available to Brazilians who can make a substantial investment in Spanish real estate, under certain conditions. 
  • the study visa: for those Brazilians who were admitted to a university in Spain and need a long-term visa to go through with the studies.  One of the ways through which you can obtain a Spanish resident permit is by purchasing a home worth at least €500,000 through the Golden Visa Scheme. This transaction may be carried out in person, by the execution of a power of attorney before a notary public, or even through any Spanish consulate or embassy in the world. You can trust our immigration lawyers in this case.

The application process includes submitting a relevant application for together with the additional documentation to the Spanish embassy or consulate. This is made in person and the applicant also needs to submit other documents, as needed. For example, the types of documents that are submitted irrespective of the type of visa are copies of the applicant’s identification documents (a valid passport), insurance, proof that the individual can sustain himself (and the family, when applicable), and others.

You can get in touch with our local specialists who can provide you with all the information you require regarding obtaining a residence permit in Spain through real estate purchases. If you want additional information beforehand, you may also read our articles on this subject and then get in touch with our immigration lawyers for practical details. Our lawyers can explain how to immigrate to Spain.

You can obtain Spanish residence through a procedure known as naturalization if you have maintained continuous legal residency in Spain for a predetermined number of years. This status is given to all foreigners who have been present in the nation for a sufficient amount of time. You can enter Spain with your residence permit, renew it as necessary, and after the time period necessary for your condition has passed, you will be given citizenship in Spain.

You can also get assistance for temporary relocation. Our lawyers can help you obtain a Spanish nomad visa if you choose to temporarily relocate here utilizing one. We are here to assist anyone who wants to move to one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require help acquiring this visa.

Steps for Spain immigration 

Once the visa has been approved, the applicant will need to follow a number of additional steps:

  1. travel to Spain: this is to be scheduled within the timeframe stipulated on the visa, in most cases approximately 90 days.
  2. apply for the residence permit: this is a step that needs to be handled within 30 days of the arrival in Spain.
  3. apply for the identification number: the NIE is the identification number assigned to all foreign nationals.
  4. apply for the identity card: foreigners who stay in Spain for longer than six months are required to have a foreigner identity card. 
  5. handle other matters: renting a property and making other arrangements as needed, such as finding a school or kindergarten for children.

The application for the NIE can also be submitted through a representative who has been duly accredited. One of our immigration lawyers can help you during this stage if you want to relocate to Spain.

Brazilian citizens who have been living in Spain for five uninterrupted years can become permanent residents. Once this status is obtained, a foreign national will have the right to reside and work in Spain under the same conditions as Spanish nationals. However, this is subject to further conditions and our team of Spain immigration agents can give you more information on the requirements. 

Foreign nationals who wish to come to the country and not base their long-term stay on employment, can do so when they can prove that they have sufficient means to sustain themselves and their families, when applicable. This is also known as the non-lucrative visa and it can be a suitable option for Brazilians who wish to retire in Spain or those who have a steady income in the country upon which they can depend on and still wish to move to Spain. 

Understanding the conditions under which a visa application must be submitted is important before traveling to Spain. Our team can help applicants comply with the ongoing regulations and requirements for Brazilians who wish to work, study or invest in Spain.

Contact our immigration lawyers  for more information about how to move to Spain, how we can evaluate your case and the services we provide to expats living in Spanish cities. Do not hesitate to inquire on how to obtain Spanish citizenship.

You may choose to apply for a nomad visa in Spain, which was established in accordance with the Startup Law, if you intend to travel temporarily. The visa intends to give remote employees the opportunity to settle down here without having to apply for a regular residence permit. In return, they are obligated.