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Immigrate to Spain from Argentina

Immigrate to Spain from Argentina

Argentina is one of the countries whose citizens can enter the EU and Schengen member states, including Spain, for a period of three months without the need to obtain a visa. For these citizens, a valid passport will be required to enter Spain and spend a limited amount of time in the country. However, for lengthier stays, as well as for the purpose of relocation as well as to immigrate to Spain from Argentina, an individual will need to obtain the proper visa and residence permit.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain can assist all interested Argentinians who are considering moving to Spain. The country has many benefits to offer to expats and it is a popular destination in the EU for non-Europeans who wish to move to the old continent.

Moving to Spain is attractive for employment purposes in a number of key business areas but foreigners will often choose the country for its ideal climate and regions for retirement. Investors can have several benefits when acquiring property in Spain, as the country as a well-developed golden visa program destines for those who have the capital to invest in Spanish real estate.

Individuals who are planning to apply for the appropriate visa to move to Spain need to contact the Embassy of Spain in Buenos Aires or another Consulate General in the country. The application requirements differ according to the type of visa and the purpose of the stay and this is why we recommend talking with one of our lawyers who specialize in immigration matters.

Below, we list the types of visas available to foreigners relocating in Spain as well as answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Spain immigration.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in Spanish residency. You are allowed to live and work in Spain once you have obtained residency. Additionally, you don’t need a visa to freely travel to countries that are a part of the Schengen area. You can apply for permits for your partner and kids so they can go to a public school in Spain. Consequently, you have the choice to start a new life outside of Spain with your family.

What are the main visa and residency requirements for Spain?

Moving to Spain is possible for Argentinian citizens by applying for a long-term visa. The visa will allow the holder to reside in the country and at the same time engage in one or more activities, as permitted by the visa type. For example, visas can grant the holder the right to work or study, to invest or to stay in the country long-term for non-lucrative purposes.

The following are the types of visas that can be applied for:

  • Study: suitable for Argentinians who wish to attend university courses in Spain or those who wish to enroll in other forms of education. 
  • Work: a common type of visa, for Argentinians who have an employment agreement with a Spanish company or employer. 
  • Investment: for entrepreneurs and investors who are willing to make a substantial or specific investment, for example in real estate.
  • Family reunification: when one of the spouses is a Spanish citizen as well as in other cases.
  • Non-lucrative: for Argentinians who wish to immigrate to Spain and have the means to sustain themselves without working.

The visa is applied for in person at the Embassy or Consulate General in Argentina and the applicant must submit both the visa application form and the relevant fees as well as the supporting documents. For employment purposes, these will include the employment contract just as for study purpose they will include the acceptance letter at a Spanish higher education institution. A special category of visa, the golden visa for real estate investments, is obtained after arriving in Spain and purchasing real estate of a certain value. Individuals who can prove that they are able to sustain themselves by having a constant income can apply for a non-lucrative residence permit. Argentinian spouses of Spanish citizens can apply for a family reunification visa.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain can help applicants with all of the needed details about the conditions for certain types of long-term visas. You can immigrate to Spain no matter the type of visa you choose.

Our immigration lawyer can provide specific guidance to those who need to travel to Spain for longer periods of time, including those who qualify for the new nomad visa. The paperwork that needs to be prepared and submitted months in advance can be completed by our attorneys. With your nomad visa in Spain, you can relocate after submitting the required paperwork.

Gaining citizenship in Spain requires giving up your former nationality. This is why, if you are uncertain, you can choose the permanent residency route and renew it every 5 years if you want to keep your original nationality. The decision should be made based on various criteria that depend on each person, so if you need advice, feel free to consult with our lawyers.

What are the main visa application requirements for Spain?

Applicants should know that they need to qualify for a certain type of visa. The conditions vary across visa types, although some of the requirements remain the same. Below, we provide further details about the conditions for moving to Spain for work:

  • the applicant must be over the age of 16 for employment purposes;
  • for self-employed individuals, they must be over 18 years of age;
  • they must have the prior authorization to work in the country before they come to Spain; the employer is the one who applies for this authorization with the relevant Spanish authorities;
  • they must obtain the visa after the work and residence authorization is issued.

These are just the general steps for obtaining a work visa for Argentinians in Spain. We recommend reaching out to one of our Spain immigration lawyers for complete details about the process. Moreover, we can provide additional details, as per your particular case. Our agents will be able to guide you throughout the process and will provide you with details about the applications that need to be submitted by the employer. With the help of our team, you will understand which are the steps that you need to follow and what parts of the process fall onto the company, agency or institution that has hired you in Spain. 

Real estate acquisition is an option through which you could acquire residency in Spain. While you are not required to travel for the purchase, you must visit the country in order to submit an application for a residence permit. You can do this after purchasing the property. Then, the residency visa is valid for 2 years and is extended without end every 5 years. If you want to move to Spain, contact us.

Our immigration law firm can also help you with the procedures needed to obtain a Spanish nomad visa. If you wish to work remotely from Spain, you may rely on us for program details. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you may have about the exact conditions that must be met before you can temporarily relocate here.

What are the post-arrival steps for an Argentinian immigrant in Spain? 

A key step after relocating to Spain is to obtain the identification number for foreigners. This is called the NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) and it is mandatory in order for the individual to be able to rent or purchase property as well as open a bank account. The application is submitted to a Directorate-General of the Police in the area where the foreigner will reside.

The application for the NIE is usually submitted in person and along with a copy of the passport as well as proof of the economic or professional interest (or other reasons) why the foreigner is making the application.

How is Spanish nationality obtained?

Argentinians who have been living in Spain for ten years can apply for nationality by residence. The time can be reduced to five years when the applicant has obtained refugee status or to two years for nationals from Ibero-American countries or for other nationals. When an Argentinian is married to a Spanish national, he or she can obtain nationality within one year provided that at the time of the application, the couple has been married for one year and have not been separated. The one-year nationality can also be awarded to the widow or widower of a Spanish national if they were not separate at the time of death of the other spouse.

One of our immigration lawyers in Spain can provide interested Argentinians with more information about the process of obtaining Spanish nationality. For many immigrants, this is the goal of the relocation process and it is a natural step after having resided continuously in the country for the ten-year period or for the reduced periods, as applicable. In certain specific cases, Spanish nationality can also be lost. Individuals who believe that they can be subject to this, for example, if they are suspected of concealment or fraud in their application, can reach out to our specialists in order to clarify the situation.

We are at your service for guidance if you want to relocate to Spain.

How can our immigration lawyers in Spain help applicants?

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain can assist you throughout the application process and once you arrive in the country. We can help you prepare the visa application so that you submit all of the documents required by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate General and thus face the smallest changes of having the application file rejected. This can help you save time, especially if you need to apply for an employment visa and need to address the formalities in a limited amount of time.

Once you arrive in Madrid or another Spanish city, our team can help you with various issues related to immigrating to Spain. From obtaining the identity number to concluding rent or property purchase agreements, our team is able to help you communicate with other Spanish parties as well as the Spanish authorities.

Spain is one of the top destinations for Argentinians. According to the National Statistical Institute, the following number of Argentinians are living in Spain:

  • 256,071: the total number of Argentinians who are living in various Spanish cities;
  • 18,390 Argentinians were living in Catalonia;
  • 13,387: this was the number of Argentinians living in Barcelona;
  • 10,526 Argentinians in Valencia. 

According to the same source, 256,071, the total number, also includes those individuals with dual citizenship. As far as the Argentinians with no Spanish citizenship, their number was 72,041. 

Our team of Spanish lawyers specialized in immigration matters can help Argentinian immigrants with more details and more information, apart from the questions answered in this article. The immigration process does require a number of steps and can differ according to the particular situation of the individual submitting the application. This is the main reason why it is recommended to consult with our team of experts in order to clarify any issues that may not be particularly clear at the time of the application. This allows you to reduce any delays that may occur as a result of application rejection.

We invite you to contact us if you are planning to move to Spain from Argentina and have questions about the process.