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Immigrate to Spain from China

Immigrate to Spain from China

The Chinese population in Spain is significant in Madrid, Barcelona or Andalusia. Immigrants from China have been coming to Spain in larger numbers starting with the 1930s and since then the demography of the population has been a dynamic one, with second-generation migrants being thoroughly integrated and even moving away from the existing traditional family business, such as restaurants for example.

In order to immigrate to Spain from China, individuals will need to find a job in Spain, live and work in the country for a number of years before they can become permanent residents. The naturalization process is the one usually applicable to immigrants from China or in some cases the alternative method of acquiring citizenship through marriage, although this process is also under a set of regulations. 

Our team of Spain immigration agents can help Chinese nationals who wish to move to the country and make their stay in Madrid or another city a permanent one.

How can you move from China to Spain?

Chinese immigrants in Spain need to go through a set of procedures even before they enter the country. Their arrival in Spain is conditioned by obtaining a visa from the Embassy of Spain in Beijing or from the Consulate General in other cities. The visa application starts by submitting the needed form, together with the required identification documents. The applicant will need to fill in the current occupation, which may also be linked to the travel purpose to Spain. For example, he can travel as a businessman, a company employee, a student or in other cases. When the applicant intends to move to Spain to live and work, he will be asked to provide the employment contract secured with the Spanish employee before commencing the visa application procedure. In this case, the name of the employer will be included in the visa application form.

A Chinese national interested in Spain immigration can either come to the country as an employee or use one of the following other methods of moving to the country and becoming a resident:

  • apply for the golden visa: this is a special type of visa designed for investors who are ready to make important investments in real estate in Spain; it is issued for one year and it can be renewed, so long as the investment stands.
  • apply for the business visa: an alternative is to invest in a significant business project in Spain; the project will be analyzed accordingly, however, Chinese entrepreneurs can find various opportunities.
  • apply for a skilled worker visa: Chinese specialists and professionals can move to Spain if they are employed as a skilled worker.
  • apply for a student visa: this is possible for Chinese nationals who wish to study in Spain; for immigration purposes, they will need to extend their stay by becoming employed in the country once they finish their studies.

Our immigration lawyers can assist Chinese immigrants who are considering moving to the country and applying for Spanish golden visas. It is useful to talk to one of our experts once you decide that you wish to permanently move to Spain because the visa application should be submitted in advance and accordingly so that the process runs without any impediments and you can be sure that it will be approved.

If you want to relocate to Spain from China, you can rely on our lawyers. Since this country is a non-EU member, all foreign nationals who move here can qualify for residency in Spain but can also acquire EU residence and are permitted to travel unrestricted within the Union. Additionally, Spain is a Schengen nation, allowing foreign citizens to visit their home nations without needing to obtain additional visas. For more information on becoming a Spanish resident, you can get in touch with our lawyers.

When you choose to relocate to Europe, we offer individualized support and take into account your specific circumstances. For detailed information on how we may help you apply for a nomad visa in Spain, get in touch with one of our immigration agents. This is a rather new program, however, it is one the most advantageous for foreign citizens seeking to get acquainted with the country before making a definitive decision.

If you want to apply for Spanish citizenship, our immigration attorneys are also at your disposal. You can accomplish this in a number of ways, and the primary application method will differ depending on the circumstances. Feel free to contact with us to learn if you qualify and how to get a passport for Spain.

What are the conditions for Chinese immigrants in Spain?

Chinese citizens who wish to immigrate to Spain will not only need to apply for the appropriate visa but they will also need to submit proof that they qualify for the other conditions. The immigrant is required to not have a criminal record and must prove that he will have sufficient economic means to sustain himself and the dependent individuals (when applicable) during their entire stay in Spain. It is also mandatory to have adequate healthcare insurance when living in Spain.

Another important step for all Chinese immigrants is to apply for the NIE number. This is essentially a tax identification number for a foreign individual who intends to stay in the country for more than several months and it is inscribed on the residence card and also appears in the social security information. One of our Spain immigration agents can help you apply for this number with the General State Administration. It is important to note that the application for this number is a separate one from registering with the municipality in which the applicant will live, a separate step that can be described in detail by our immigration lawyers who are at the service of those who want to relocate to Spain. The Civil Code, which was released in 1889, is one of the country’s fundamental laws and regulates citizenship in Spain. However, the government has made a number of changes that have an impact on how you can become a citizen. For instance, those are the ones listed on the Royal Decree 1004/2005.

Moving to Spain can present various business opportunities for a Chinese investor or perhaps opportunities for employment for those who wish to work in a European country. It is important to understand the requirements and steps needed to legally reside in Spain in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Please feel free to contact our immigration lawyers in Spain for detailed information about the mandatory steps. If you want to move to Spain from another country, you can rely on us. Our Spanish immigration specialists have experience working with foreigners. Depending on the cause for the move, applicants for Spanish residency must go through a different process. We can give you further information about the conditions that must be met. Speaking with one of our immigration specialists can be helpful in understanding how to go about doing this.